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Ever thought of having a photo reading of yourself and/or you and a partner or potential partner?? then why not have this type of specific reading.
They say" A picture paints a thousand words" and this is absolutely spot on because not only can a face tell a story that you cannot hide it can show the Psychic all kinds of personality traits and gives an insight into what could be for the future in compatibilty etc.

Photo Readings are particularly popular with people wishing to know what the future holds in matters of the heart and love/relationships and how you are viewed by a partner or a possible love interest. You may have met someone online or at a function and are not sure whether they are genuine or not or you may wish to know what their intentions are then this type of reading is excellent in giving the insight and guidance you seek.


You will be amazed at what can be seen by looking at a person's facial features eg, shape of the face, cheek bones, chin, nose, lips and mouth, moles and freckles and
much more importantly their eyes as we all know our eyes are our window to the
world and they show many things to a Psychic.

So why not go ahead and have a Psychic Photo Reading and on receipt of the relevant photos sent to me via email to along with your name, date
of birth and any specific questions you may have and I will return the reading in full depth to your email address within 48 hours.

My price for a full Psychic Photo Reading is as follows:



Please purchase your Full Psychic Face / Photo Reading via the above paypal button and then It will be my absolute pleasure and honour to guide you. Please rest assured that I will give you my best thoughts with what I see, hear and predict both now and in the future and that all Psychic Face / Photo Readings will be totally confidential.


Also if you have ever thought that a Psychic Face / Photo Reading would be a great gift for a loved one or friend then I am pleased to also offer Gift cards sent to anyone of your choice to include a Full Psychic Face / Photo Reading by email. For this option please add £ 2.95 per booking and supply the name and address of the person you wish to receive the Gift Card.


Please also note that it is now stated by law you must be 18 years of age or over and that all readings and advice of a psychic / spiritual nature and all it's contents therein must be seen and regarded as for entertainment purposes.

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